Admissions Interviews – Do They Matter?

For many students, the admissions interview won't do too much to help or hurt them, but in some cases, it can make a big difference. So why do colleges offer them?  Should you do them if they're voluntary?  What are colleges looking for?  And how can you make the interview work in your favor? Colleges … Continue reading Admissions Interviews – Do They Matter?


Will This Look Good on My Application?

Will this look good on my application? This is the worst reason why you should choose a sport, hobby, volunteer project, or musical instrument to play. Seriously! College admissions counselors hate the question "Which looks better on my application...?" It exasperates them. They will tell you again and again, they don't want to see that … Continue reading Will This Look Good on My Application?

Go Beyond the Brand

We are the last people to tell you that reputation and prestige don't matter, but you can get an amazing education from more than just a handful of well known colleges and universities. Maybe your parents have their hearts set on Stanford because it's where they went. Maybe your grandmother wants you to go to … Continue reading Go Beyond the Brand

So What Do Those College Rankings Mean Anyway?

Really?  Not very much at all.  The fact that the current population of high school students in the U.S. is pretty large historically speaking, a larger percentage of students than before are now able to consider attending college, and more foreign students than ever are applying to American universities, means the competition to get into … Continue reading So What Do Those College Rankings Mean Anyway?

It’s All About “Fit”

Contrary to what college rankings might have you believe, there is no perfect school...just a perfect school for you.