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Get an Edge on the College Admissions Process from a Former Harvard University Academic Adviser

The process of preparing for and applying to college can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Selecting your courses, test prep, picking schools, demonstrating your extracurricular accomplishments, writing your essay, calculating costs, interviewing, and of course, waiting for those admissions decisions.

The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone.  You can have an experienced professional guide you, someone who has helped many students navigate the process and gain acceptance to top schools and programs.

Ivy Excellence Consulting provides a broad range of services to help students at every step on the journey toward attending a great college or university.  We offer basic packages for seniors who just want someone to review their applications or essays as well as long term counseling and support, beginning with sophomores looking to set themselves up for success in their high school careers and juniors who want to strategize about which schools to apply to and which tests to take.

We can also help you and your parents with the financial aspects – determining how much your family can afford, what scholarship options are available, what are the best ways to pay for school, and what colleges and universities will give you the most bang for your buck.


“I applied for college after serving in the Marine Corps, so I wasn’t a typical applicant.  Nahal helped me find the right school and the right program.  She explained to me how to maximize my GI Bill and showed me how to convince my university to increase the number of credits it granted me for the computer engineering courses I took in the military.  Thanks to Nahal’s help, I got my bachelor’s degree with honors in 2 1/2 years and I graduated debt free.”  — Paul W.

“My high school didn’t offer challenging enough courses — certainly not the kind of classes that would help me stand out when applying for college.  Nahal waded through all of my district’s academic regulations to determine that I was eligible to complete my senior year of high school at a local college.  The school administration was hesitant to let me do so because no one ever had before, but Nahal advocated for me with my principal and guidance counselor.  Thanks to her help, I was able to start my college career a year early, putting me on the path to success.”  — Jon H.

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